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“Never give up on reaching goals just because it takes time to achieve it … time will pass by anyway …”

What coaching is?

Coaching is a conversation with someone who is an unconditional client`s ally. Coaching is finding answers for questions that we are afraid to ask but they are crucial for building client`s future. Coaching is creating new paths, roads, highways and reaching what seems to be out of our reach. Coaching is finally creating a new better tomorrow.

Why with me?

I am a professional, I have completed a dedicated study in the field of Coaching at the University of Europe in Cracow. I`ve learned from the best coaches in Poland. I gained an ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) certificate, which is a milestone to enter the group of professional coaches. As long as I remember, all the time I move forward, I develop myself and those ones who are around me, I know how to do it and why I do it.

Coaching, is for you, when:

  • You want to increase your efficiency
  • You want to overcome internal barriers and achieve more
  • You feel that what you do in life exhausting you and you want to change it in order to avoid professional or life burnout
  • You need more peace, a sense of control over your life and balance
  • You want to organize your day better to find time for yourself and important areas
  • You want to discover your potential and use it better
  • You want to transform your weaknesses into strength
  • You want to get going and start doing what has long been in the realm of your dreams or plans
  • You want to provide into your work and life healthy habits that will help you live in harmony with yourself and with your surroundings
  • You want to have more control over your future


RELIABLE Stanisław Kozioł

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